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Two iphone X showing app design of a food waste minimizer application

Minimizing Food Waste

The application that helps people decrease their food waste, by letting them know the content of their fridge, freezer and storage areas. The application also provides users with recipes according to what they already have in their fridge.

Remote project, 2018 / 2019

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Person driving a car talking to digital assistant

Conversational Commerce

A project that explored the use of voice assistants (Google Assistant) for buying things while driving, such as gas and food items. We explored how voice assistants should be designed and what the potential user segments were for the Norwegian Market.

Internship Oslo, 2018

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Three iphones showing a design

Take the B-Line

The web application B-Line helps users to take the bee line home, whether it is by bus, train or walking. Designed and developed during an exchange semester in France (with the french public transport in mind).

During exchange semester, 2018 / 2019

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Daily UI challenge image of log in application

Daily UI Challenge

I am currently doing the 100 days of UI Challenge (Daily UI) to sharpen my UX/UI and visual skills!

Individual project, 2019 - current

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A round device with a black GUI with social media icons

Safe Passwords with SharKey

The super safe password key SharKey was designed and developed during a course in Tangible Interaction at Chalmers, with security as the theme.

School project, 2018

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