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I am Hannah Miklin, a UX Designer currently pursuing the last semester at the Interaction Design and Technologies master's programme, with a background in Information Systems.

I have always loved being creative, whether it is crafting, painting or sewing clothes. I love creative problem solving in the intersection of design, IT and business, where I aim to create intuitive, usable and attractive digital solutions that meet the end user's needs. I love being able to do everything from user research to pixel-perfect wireframes, hopefully resulting in user-centered designs that meet business demands. I also have an interest in Service Design, from when I worked at Idean as an intern.

Other things about me? Well, I like web technologies (currently developing this site), making pottery, playing board games and bouldering ― plus searching for that perfect sour beer.

I'm looking for job opportunities in Gothenburg, and an ideal start would be in August-September. I'm interested in working with skilled and nice individuals in projects where I can utilise my skill sets, curiosity and drive! I believe that great design can make a genuine impact. Contact me: